The Potter's Hand



The purpose of this workshop is to equip churches and communities to meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs through ongoing, long-term ministry to people affected by disaster.


At the end of this workshop the participant will be able to:

  1. Differentiate between disaster preparedness and disaster ministry.
  2. Discuss physical needs of people and communities affected by disaster.
  3. Identify strategies to assist with emotional healing among people and communities affected by disaster.
  4. Discuss strategies for meeting spiritual needs of people and communities affected by disaster.
  5. Prepare plans for churches and community organizations to engage in short-term and ongoing, long-term disaster ministry.

Both Mr. Shope and Dr. Zotti have many years of doing presentations to all types of groups. In addition, they, with two other co-authors, created programs for disaster-affected youth: God’s Can Do Kids! and Gearing Up—Renew U!


The Potter’s Hand Workshop
at Camp Tomah Shinga, Junction City, KS

September 30-October 1, 2016

October 14-16, 2016

To register:

The workshop will be held as a weekend retreat,
beginning Friday evening and ending early Sunday afternoon.
Each participant receives a book, packet and materials,
plus a certificate upon completion.

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who is interested. It is ideal to have more than one church in a workshop.


People with a heart for missions; social ministry members; Stephens Ministry members; at least one member of church council; parish nurses; youth leaders


The workshop starts with the story of a disaster-affected family. We describe holistic disaster ministry that meets physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people affected by disaster. For each type of need, we offer didactic material and hands-on exercises to equip adults to meet these needs. We end with how to organize for disaster ministry, including a hands-on exercise to plan for taking a team into a disaster during long term recovery.


Hal Shope and Marianne Zotti


Testimonies from previous workshop attendees

"All Things New Ministry worked with one community through The Potter’s Hand and a disaster youth program. We worked with one pastor, 7 teenagers, 6 community leaders and about 12 church leaders and members. All had been affected by a tornado. They reported, “The workshop helped us to heal faster. Being that it was the first time that we’d been in that experience, we had no prior experience or direction. The workshop helped us to become whole and self-sufficient. It also trained us to help others. . . “ Since then, they have met needs in their local community several times and made 4 trips to other communities where they have affected over 1,000 lives. They supplied food and clothing to people affected by Hurricane Katrina, adopted a Hurricane Katrina affected community, and supplied food, clothing, supplies and sweat equity for neighbor communities."

"All Things New Ministry trained trainers who planned to work with congregations interested in developing disaster response teams. They reported that the creative use of the Good Samaritan story as it applies to disaster work had a big impact on them, and the use of clay during the workshop allowed the participants to express themselves. This group has continued to offer training to congregations and have made many trips to Hurricane Katrina affected areas, Greensburg, KS, Hallam, NE, Deshler, NE, Holdrege, NE and other places. Their activities have included spiritual care, volunteer coordination, financial assistance, children’s ministry, case management, reconstruction and cleanup. It is impossible to quantify the number of individuals and families that their group has affected."