Disaster Response Teen Corps

at Camp Tomah Shinga, Junction City, KS

June 5-10, 2016

June 26-July 1, 2016

For more information: www.allthingsnewministry.org/drtc.html

To register: tomahshinga.com/

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* was created, in part, through a grant from the Lutheran Services for Children Endowment at the ELCA Foundation, Thrivent Financial and All Things New Ministry, respectively.

prepares teens to be active in disaster response

Specific units include:

  • Putting Your Faith Into Action!
  • Safe Handling of Tools and Building Construction Skills
  • Meeting Emotional and Spiritual Needs of Children, Teens, and Adults
  • Prepared Youth

, created by All Things New Ministry, is a curriculum for training high school youth age 14-18+ and youth leaders. Youth build practical skills in most aspects of disaster response while in a safe mentoring environment, and then apply their new skills in the disaster field. Youth learn the ABCs of disaster response ranging from rebuilding houses to spiritual care of the people affected by disaster. All training is hands on.

Youth will learn to recognize different types of disasters and how they affect the needs of the survivors.

All of these activities are designed to enable youth to actively participate in a constructive helpful manner during and after a disaster situation.

While at camp youth will:

  • Learn tools safety; how to hammer, measure, saw, install insulation, and paint.
  • Practice construction; building a wall from the ground up, including framing and drywall.
  • Lead a Bible study and the accompanying artwork projects.
  • Practice how to interview people affected by disaster.
  • How to care for younger children: including Bible study leadership roles and skit performances.
  • Practice disaster preparedness training using Disaster Quizbowl.

This program was pilot-tested at LutherRanch in Georgia and Lutheridge Camp in North Carolina. The campers were enthusiastic about it!

Here’s what some of the campers had to say when asked to describe their favorite camp experiences:

"Doing the construction. Really learned a lot of skills to use."
"Learning new things in the experience of using tools and actually building a wall"
“Doing the construction. Really learned a lot of skills to use.”
"I probably liked the construction because it was fun and I got to do stuff I have never done before."
"The skit because it was hilarious, and the construction because it was amazing."
"Construction and child and youth programs were my favorite. I love seeing my impact on the world."
"The Quizbowl; mainly because most learn better by doing."

See you onsite, and don’t forget your Boots!

Disaster Response TeenCorps