His Word - His Clay

After conducting Bible studies among adults affected by disaster, it became clear that these people needed to hear special messages about and from God. Furthermore, adults need a way to process their disaster experience with people who have suffered similar experiences.

Please feel free to download and use them. The guides for the participants are included in the Leader Guide.

His Word—His Clay is a collection of 5 devotions for adults affected by disaster. Each of the 5 devotions contains important messages that people who are hurting from disaster need to hear.

Their purpose is to:

  1. Give assurance God is with them
  2. Provide a safe haven for expressing doubts & fears
  3. Offer an opportunity to receive prayer & care

These devotions are intended to address commonly occurring worries, concerns, and emotions. They are not intended to take the place of mental health services if they are needed.

These devotions consist of Bible study & art activities and are designed to be led by lay people or clergy in homes or churches. They can be augmented with Christian visuals or ceremonies and may include a mental health therapist. The devotions include guidance for Bible study, principles for leading groups, and directions for art activities.

After using them, please complete
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