Although the directors of All Things New Ministry consult with communities and churches to assist them to become organized during the relief phase, this ministry primarily focuses on the recovery phase. It is during the recovery phase that people affected by disaster become weary, and public and private resources dry up as disasters occur elsewhere.

Both Mr. Shope and Dr. Zotti have many years of doing presentations to all types of groups. In addition, they, with two other co-authors, created programs for disaster-affected youth: God’s Can Do Kids! and Gearing Up—Renew U!

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Hal Shope’s background includes management in organizations such as Proctor and Gamble and 10 years of service for Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR) as a statewide disaster coordinator in Arkansas and Mississippi and currently as Regional Volunteer Coordinator. Mr. Shope has a rich background in church and community service and has served on church councils in a variety of roles including president.

In addition to having been personally affected by disaster, Marianne Zotti is a nurse with a Doctor of Public Health in Maternal and Child Health (MCH). She spent eight years in faculty and department chair roles in university settings and currently contracts in a public service role. Dr. Zotti has published widely about disaster effects on women, infants and families, including a program evaluation entitled “Evaluation of a Multistate Faith-based Program for Children Affected by Natural Disaster” (Public Health Nursing, 2006, 23(5), 400-409). Dr. Zotti is also an active prayer warrior and has a history of serving in a variety of roles in church leadership.

For more information, please contact Hal Shope or Marianne Zotti.

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